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Angelo Williams – The Young Talent!

Angelo Williams is a talented actor, and model who is establishing his business in the field of the film industry. He has collaborated as a model with many renowned fashion brands like FashionNova. As an actor, he created featured and short films in order to create the best content.  After his successful debut, he started to participate in the filming industry at a bigger stage. He also worked in the production of bigger action armed movie starring Mario Van Peebles. He always practiced for giving the best in his movies because he loved to be an actor. If you call one the best actor and model then he is none other than Angelo Williams.



He started his career from a job as a talent escort. Through this job, he established his public relations with the professionals of the entertainment industry. He got invitations from the American television game show to the cast of the game and finally to the invitations for interviews on the National TV. He crossed the stairs of success in a very short duration. His participation in the film is his chance to acquire knowledge about the industry of film and he availed this opportunity very effectively.


Angelo Williams is best known for acting and modeling among the people, although he's worked steadily as an actor since then. He's also built a personal brand and a massive following, simply by sharing. His Instagram account is incredibly popular, even among people who've never seen his acting in movies and plays he currently stars in, as Angelo finds and shares an enormous number of images with his fans. The content ranges from images that pertain to Angelo’s messages about brands to cat photos and fan images. It gives him both a distinct personal brand and an enormous marketing platform. It helps him in the sense that he is often very self-deprecating in his humor. He is much more talented and is happy to promote his modeling career by sharing his images on all social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Though people are loving him even without watching his movies but you can check Angelo Williams - IMDB for getting the updates about his movies.


There are many different acting challenges but he wanted to work through some of those that he faced every day as an actor and a model. Each of us is blessed with strengths. Some actors he knows can glance at a script a handful of times, and it’s lodged securely in their memory. For others, their vocal warm-up consists of a cigarette and a can of Red Bull, and they sound better than me after my warm-up (an hour of rolling around on the floor.) It’s important to acknowledge your strengths, but if you really want to become great actors then you have to work through your individual challenges. I also faced many challenges while developing my acting career but he faced all these challenges with courage and the belief that he will do something remarkable for himself. And in the end, he achieved all that he wants to achieve.



He has been featured in Medium due to his content. His content was so good that got popularity within no time. He built his image on Instagram in such a good way that he reached about 19k followers within a very short duration of time. He has a large number of fan following in a sense that he has shared a number of his images for personal branding like his images of the shoots as models and BTS of his work in the movies. He has been featured by the top brands for many a time in order to aware the people about his work.



You can have a look on his page on Facebook as The only Angelo.  He has gained so much fan following on Facebook in a very short duration of time. The reason of his popularity is his polished acting and modeling skills. He has shared his pictures clearly depicting his talent in the field of acting and modeling. In short, his style is always so much fascinating for all of us in comparison with other actors of his age. People are supporting this young artist in a huge amount. He has achieved everything through hard work and passion. A person who is passionate about his career can do anything for himself.



He started his career by making his acting debut at the age of thirteen under the guidance of a TV actor -Tim Russ. Like any other performer, Angelo tried out several auditions during his debut years although he never made his big break. Angelo went on to practice what he loves. Angelo started making short and featured films to create content. His active endurance opened doors to participate in the filming industry at a bigger stage. He also worked off-camera in the production of the 2018 action film- Armed starring Mario Van Peebles.

After participation in the films, he familiarized himself with the big shots that he met from the production to the premiere of the film. He struggled so hard for developing his career that he received a call inviting him to contest in the American Television game show-The Hip Hop Square. Winning in the game show earned him the headshots that spearheaded his career into the spotlight. It is from his casting in the game show that he made his first demo reel. Angelo soon was getting invitations to interviews on national TV. In his words he claimed, “with that prize, I was able to get the headshots I needed”.



On his Instagram account, he has gained so much popularity that he earned above 19k followers that is so much difficult to get. You can also have a look on his Instagram account as Angelo Official Page His fashion sense is actually the best. He chooses such a wonderful style that people especially youngsters always try to follow his style. The account of Instagram is all about pictures. The one who is good at looks, style and has a good sense of fashion can get more and more followers. But 19k is such a huge number. To gain so many followers at this young age is not a matter of ease. If the content of a person is unique and depicts creativity in it on Instagram then it becomes easier for him to get so many followers, just like Angelo Williams.



He has actually done such a great job and posted such a great content that people were left with no option but just to follow his page to copy his style for looking the same as Angelo Williams. Although he has done only 34 posts on his account that are so less to gain such a huge number of followers but he did it. He proved that one can achieve anything when he does the hard work and works with a passion not as a job or just a way to earn money. He gave so much hope to the youngsters that they can easily make their mark in the world by following the footsteps of this great actor, model, and investor, Angelo Williams. The highlights presented on Instagram by this great model shows his unique style. The success of his Instagram account is also going to his manager as he is doing everything in a proper and impressive way.



His posts on Instagram are mostly picture-based of him modeling in outfits like Fashion Nova. For now, William is focused on expanding his business and film progress for many to see. Whatever happens next, one thing is certain Angelo will share it all on social media, much to the delight of his thousands of fans.



After the detailed discussion on his Instagram account, here we will talk about his twitter account that is also not behind in making him star and helped him in getting so much fan following. His twitter account is named Angelo actor. On this account, he does not have so many followers as on Instagram but you people can help him in making him successful at this account. As Twitter account is more about the news than modeling and fashion influencers and there are not so many people on twitter so it’s difficult to get a large amount of following on this account. However, he is doing a struggle to grow his account in order to aware the people about his achievements as an actor, model, investor and influencer in the film industry.



Angelo William’s fashion sense has been top-notch since his early days in the spotlight. His stunning looks have earned him the admiration of many. After working on the game show, he was given a chance to walk in LA Fashion Week as a model. Angelo has always talked about starting his one line of clothing and the experience gave him an opportunity to see what it takes to be successful in doing so. William enjoys a relatively large crowd on his platforms.



In addition to acting and modeling, Angelo has in the last 6 months expressed his interest in the forex market. He has made consultations with his team of traders and entrepreneurs where they get together and discuss daily trade opportunities while also impacting others and helping them become financially independent. According to Angelo, he uses financial independence to sustain him in the acting field and fund his businesses. His business-oriented thinking is unmatched. Each week, he makes it his mission to impact lives and to help others reach the goals that they desire in life.



I do not expect anything since I do not foresee the future, all I do is work out the moment and flow with the flaws, says Angelo. His modesty is well noticed in spite of his achievements at just the tender age of 21. Angelo believes in the power of social media in our millennial age and therefore works with social media influencers to popularize, market his clothing line as well as help him gather a more massive following on the platforms. He alludes to Kylie Jenner’s achievement as the first selfie made billionaire. Social media has the power to turn fame into a force for change and he is using it in an effective way.



Angelo’s mission as he works to achieve glory in the spotlight beam. He believes that positive influence can be spread by the same channels of fame to reach a global audience. Well, it turns out Angelo is not only business-minded but also philanthropic. He also shares his recipe for cheerfulness -Is today is falling apart? Find somewhere quiet. Sit and close your eyes and focus on deep breathes. Thoughts might come and then work on a plan to implement your goals.



Angelo Williams will definitely cause some shift in the Forbes 30 under 30 if he continues in this trajectory. An actor, model and businessman at his age has certainly much more to hope for in the future. The promising talent at one time not cutting in on audition only has to continue putting in the effort to realize his ambitions. A man’s past does not define him, but he would not be the same person had he not gone through it. It may take a while and there will be setbacks. Angelo Williams is the definition of ambition without succumbing. He used his talent in a right way and got what he longed for. He set an example for youngsters to put their energy on the right path.



Angelo Williams, a method actor, his range of characterization remains unparalleled and because of this diversity and his ability to portray different characters believably on screen, today he is regarded as not only one of the biggest Superstars but also one of the finest actors. Such a young and talented actor should be supported and favored by people in order to help them to make their mark on the world. The world needs such a youth who are passionate about their career and the goals of their life. The accounts of Angelo Williams can be checked on almost every social media account, basically Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Analyst predicts this CBD penny stock for +4639.633% growth in 2020

The CBD landscape has been unpredictable for investors and regulators due to its massive growth, potential yet unproven health benefits, and the numerous industrial uses for Hemp. While many companies have entered the space, few have made it past the next wave of wall street and private equity investors who have been quietly beginning to make their plays. According to recent announcements and a forecast by Market Watch, Grand Capital Ventures, Inc.’s (OTC: GRCV) (“the Company”) wholly-owned subsidiary Yuka E-Commerce (“YUKA”) has some analysts forecasting a 4,000%+ return this coming year.


While many CBD may be a new global trend heading to the north of 20 Billion in the next five years, GCV has not only been preparing, but they've been selling. A lot. The Company has shown proven success in the CBD category, wherein just the last month it sold an impressive $100,000-plus worth of CBD gummies online in a matter of days. Overall, year-to-date, GRCV, through YUKA, now has sold over $850,000 worth of quality CBD-infused goods.


“We’ve shown major growth over the past few months, both in the e-commerce sector and in our ability to take advantage of the growing CBD trend,” said CEO Meir ‘Miko’ Avitan. “Moreover, we’ve done so with a solid strategy, one that proves to shareholders we can present a plan and execute on it, to the benefit of everyone involved.”


In addition to a healthy sales partnership with one of the industry's largest distributors, Diamond CBD, Inc a subsidiary of the publicly-graded PotNetwork Holdings, Inc (OTC Pink: POTN), there are four brand new products on the way. The lines are leading their new eCommerce strategy, providing a larger reach of customers across the digital eCommerce network.


According to Wallet Investors live forecast system which updates predictions every five minutes has GRCV as an AWESOME long term (1-year) investment.



What is the Grand Capital Ventures stock price/share price today?

The Grand Capital Ventures stock price is 0.000400 USD today.



Will Grand Capital Ventures stock price grow /rise/go up?

Yes. The GRCV stock price can go up from 0.000300 USD to 0.0142 USD in one year.



Is it profitable to invest in Grand Capital Ventures stock?

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15 Best Children’s Books for Christmas



Do you remember what Christmas was like when you were a child?


Sure, as an adult, the winter holidays can be filled with all kinds of stress. You have to worry about family, hosting a big dinner, making sure that all of the presents are under the tree… It’s crazy!


But if you’re a child, it can be pure magic. Santa Claus and snow and reindeer and stockings! They get to be around all of their favorite people for days and be showered with nothing but love and attention. It’s little wonder why kids love Christmas.


And if you really want to build up the Christmas spirit in them, you can work in some fantastic children’s books about Christmas into the evening bedtime story rotation! Here are some of my favorites that I highly recommend you share with them:


The Polar Express: 30th Anniversary Edition by Chris Van Allsburg




Before it was a Tom Hanks movie, The Polar Express was one of the most beloved Christmas books ever written. If you’ve only seen the film, then you should definitely check out the original it’s based on.


On Christmas Eve, a little boy boards a mysterious train bound for the North Pole. Once there, he meets Santa himself, who gives him any gift he desires. His choice isn’t what you might expect and leads to a magical tale filled with beautiful images.


Arial the Secret Santa by Mary Nhin




I love Christmas. It’s a time of peace and kindness. And kindness and compassion are the traits I most want to instill in our kids.


In Arial the Secret Santa, children will follow Arial the unicorn through school, in her community and in nature as she models how easy it can be to share kindness. From giving a compliment to smiling at someone who’s having a bad day, Arial shows children that, no matter how small, words and act of kindness MATTER, especially at Christmas! Included in the book is the Kindness Tree Activity to help encourage your child to give praise and spread positivity into the world.


If you’re looking for a book this Christmas to help teach your kids about the power of kindness, then this is the book to have under the tree. I highly recommend this book!


Festive Flamingo by Shaula Maitland




If you would like a moment of calm this Christmas (and a brilliant night's sleep, shh...) then Festive Flamingo is the book for you!


Flamingo shares a festive selection of breathing exercises and relaxing visualizations. She joins you for twelve magical meditations, where you explore positive themes such as perseverance, curiosity and self-belief. Build a magical camel out of snow, learn to ice-skate with the woodland animals and create an exciting game for the elves.


Enjoy the benefits of meditation, alongside adventure and festive fun! How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss



I mean, do you really need a summary of How the Grinch Stole Christmas? It’s one of the most celebrated children’s books of all-time, let alone one of the

all-time great Christmas books! It’s also a brilliant cartoon, two big-budget movies, and the basis of countless toys. And you know what? It deserves every single bit of praise it gets.


The Grinch that Stole Christmas perfectly communicates the meaning of Christmas and is filled with stunning art, hilarious rhymes, and some truly funny jokes. It’s a true classic that should be on every child’s bookshelf. If you’ve never encountered it before, you owe it to yourself to give it a read (even if you’re an adult)!




Little Squirrel Squish Gets His Christmas Wish by Ross Hammond

Do you remember the story of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer? Everyone told him that he couldn’t be a member of Santa’s reindeer team. Well, here is a children’s book that reflects that story, putting a whole new spin on the idea of following your dreams!


Little Squirrel Squish is a tiny squirrel who wants to be part of Santa’s flying crew. But because he’s so small (and because he’s not a reindeer), everyone keeps telling him to forget about his dreams. But one Christmas, he decides to go for it, changing everything! This book will teach your children that their every dream, no matter how seemingly out of reach, is worth exploring!


Santa’s Reindeer by Brooke Stevens



Getting back to Santa’s reindeer, let’s talk about Santa’s Reindeer, the book!


Discovering that everyone is different is one of the most important lessons a child can be taught. In this adorable Christmas book, all of the various personalities of Santa’s reindeer are explored. It’s a perfect read for small children, full of cute illustrations and a lovely Christmas message!




The Mouse in the Hammock, a Christmas Tale by Bethany Brevard

If you think it’s only Santa who does good deeds on Christmas Eve, you need to meet a very special mouse!



Spinning off from the “Not a creature was stirring…” line from Twas the Night Before Christmas, this wonderful book features a mouse who is busy all Christmas night doing small acts of kindness, such a cooling the cocoa for Sanata, hanging up the mistletoe, and taste testing the cookies! It’s a fabulous lesson for kids who are looking to drive the meaning of Christmas home: that you’re never too little to make a big difference!


The Elf Who Couldn’t Read by Sonica Ellis





Do your children know how to read yet?



Countless children learn how to read their first words while sitting on their parents’ laps. And if you want a book that will help them sound out letters while also embracing the Christmas spirit, then this is it!


In it, Jingles the elf doesn’t know how to read yet, but needs to figure out Santa’s Christmas list. With the help of your child, they read the list together and make sure that Christmas is a huge success!




Secret Santas And The Twelve Days of Christmas Giving by Courtney Petruzzelli



One of the reasons why I love Secret Santas so much is that it makes giving anonymous. You aren’t giving someone something with the expectation of a “thank you” from them. Instead, their enjoyment is its own reward.


In this wonderful Christmas book, your kids will learn about Secret Santas and why it can be such a wonderful Christmas tradition. Beautiful art and a wonderful message make this a Christmas must!



A Christmas Cookie Exchange by Sheri Wall




Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? But have you ever noticed that there tends to be one seemingly plain oatmeal cookie left on the plate after all the other cookies are eaten? Well, this is HIS story!


Meet Phil, an insecure fruit-filled oatmeal cookie who longs to be more fancy and famous. With help from his cookie friends, he learns what's on the inside is more important than fancy sprinkles. Self-love and acceptance are essential qualities for kids to learn, and this rhyming Christmas tale teaches them that character and self-confidence really do matter.



How To Catch An Elf by Adam Wallace





Have you kids ever wanted to catch an elf? It turns out that it’s trickier than you might think…


In this fun and silly story, a clever elf manages to elude all of the traps that children set for him on Christmas Eve! There are lots of fun rhymes and some inventive illustrations that your kids are sure to love!



Never Let A Unicorn Meet A Reindeer! by Diane Alber




If you’re looking for a Christmas story with a twist, this might be the book for you and your kid!


Instead of it being Christmas in the book, it’s about a birthday wish gone wrong. A little girl (who has a unicorn) sends a letter to Santa to ask if she can borrow one of his reindeer during their “off-season.” He sends one with a note saying that the reindeer should never meet any unicorns. It turns out that unicorns and reindeer get highly competitive around each other, so the little girl soon has a mess on her hands! This is a funny and delightful book that can even be read when it isn’t Christmas!


The Adventures of Pookie: Mission Fat Hearts by Rebecca Yee





Everyone loves a secret agent story, especially kids.



If you want your kids to take lessons of kindness and caring into the real world, this book might be the perfect way to do it. It not only tells a Christmas story about three of Santa’s helpers doing missions of good deeds before Christmas but gives your children some missions of their own!


For example, their Christmas mission might be to give an extra hug to someone they love that day. Or to leave a “thank you” note for the mailman. With these Christmas missions, your kids will be brightening up someone else’s Christmas, a wonderful lesson to learn!


God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren





If you worry that presents, tinsel, and trees are distorting the true meaning of Christmas, then this might just be the book for you and your child.


In it, a Mama Bear and her cub explore what Christmas truly means, from what Santa truly represents (the spirit of giving) to the birth of Jesus. It’s filled with beautiful art and a wonderful Christian message.


Construction Site on Christmas Night by Sherri Duskey Rinker




Have you ever read any books from the Construction Site series? If not, this might be the perfect place to introduce you and your children to some fun and entertaining characters!


In this Christmas tale, all of the vehicles of the construction site get together to build a new home for the fire engines and, after they finish that important job, find Christmas surprises of their very own! A lovely message and some adorable art make for a great Christmas book!


What are some of your favorite Christmas children’s books? Please share them in the comments below!

Avaya Conference Phones in Dubai, UAE - Pixcom

Avaya Conference Phones in Dubai, UAE are perfect for small or home offices for hands-free calling or the right conference call. By using this type of phone, you can easily contact two or more people for a meeting without having to be in the same place. Bluetooth technology is versatile and can use a smartphone, tablet or computer to talk to other people.




The main benefit of Avaya Conference Phones having a conference call is that you can save a lot of time and money. This mainly involves saving travel expenses, hotel costs, gas mileage, etc., because it is not necessary for every team member to have meetings and exchange ideas in the same place. Again, this means of communication means that you only need to make one call instead of a few different people.

avaya conference phones

In addition, such calls can increase productivity when participants follow an agreed agenda. This helps keep the call focused and saves time for more useful meetings.





Conference calls are very good in a variety of situations. For example, it can be used to hold large meetings once a month so that information can be exchanged with different team leaders or departments. In addition, it is useful in smaller situations, such as when communicating with potential customers and managers. Another option for these types of calls is to make them more personal by adding video screens, which means that both sides of the call can see each other.





For businesses looking to expand, the ability to conduct conference calls will definitely help and make it easier to connect with overseas markets. Rather than sending resources and multiple employees to different countries, it's more cost-effective to conduct such a business using standard or video teleconferencing. This will definitely help reduce operating costs and make it possible for businesses to expand into other areas that are not normally open to them.





In recent years, the technology used in conference calls has come a long way, providing additional security and privacy. Whether it's a VOIP or a phone call, you can choose to protect the call with a password on multiple systems to prevent others from listening.


Learn more about the versatility of the Avaya Conference Phones phone system.

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Best vintage watches

Vintage watches are steeped in history. Why not wear an exquisite piece of history on your wrist. Vintage watches can be found dating back scores of years and still running lick clock work today, pun intended. And with original parts, paperwork, custom boxes and all. For every vintage watch, a fascinating story follows. Wouldn't be wonderful to be part of the story. Even better, investing in a vintage watch for a man or a woman doesn't have to break the bank either, there are plenty of terrific bargains for every price range. If your budget is $150, $1000 or $5000, check out the plethora of options available. Get a classic, timelessly designed, vintage watch that will immediately spark interesting conversation at your next dinner party. The best part about these vintage watches? Don't expect their value to be dropping anytime soon, so you can be sure your money is not simply spent, but rather wisely invested.


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Mark Hayes The Next Big Name in Comedy

Being a stand-up comedian isn’t simple, and Mark Hayes has managed to become a master of this field. Hayes has worked as a comedian for years, to the point that he did a satire where he plays clips and episodes of showing his great sense of humor on display. The RanDumb Adventures of an Irish Guy is the funniest TV show I have ever watched.


From personal experience Hayes can tell you, joking on stage in stand-up comedy is not an easy task. You can be as prepared as possible, but it will never be enough to determine what kind of reaction you will get from the audience. Even if the person begins with a good joke, it can be met with silence which may soon turn into faded laughter. Hayes doesn’t have to be worried about any of this, because he can come up with plenty of great catchphrases, and several jokes per minute to impress his audience.


During one of his sitcom’s The RanDumb Adventures of an Irish Guy, Hayes performs in a comedy where no matter who he hangs out with whether it’s black, white, Asian, or Native American people, almost everybody he comes across claims to be Irish. The whole scenario was funny itself, and Hayes manages to humor us with some more rather laughable situations he gets into.

Mark Hayes

For example, there is that situation when he asks for a coffee at a local Starbuck’s, and the salesperson thinks he said “Kathy” because of his heavy Irish accent. This is a source of annoyance to him, because imagine not drinking any coffee in the morning, when one needs a boost to keep them energized for the rest of the day.


Hayes noticed that his Irish heritage was proudly celebrated in America on St. Patrick’s Day, or how many Americans liked to call it St. Paddy’s Day. One of the most comical events Hayes encountered was that Americans’ love for St. Patrick’s Day was on steroids. Everything including people, water, pints, streets, apartments, shops, cars, and even pubs were all green. Most amusing of all the beautiful women serving customers at the bar, didn’t believe Hayes when he told them he is Irish. He even showed them his passport and incredulous as it may seem, the ladies still didn’t believe him, especially since he wasn’t wearing all green clothes.


In closing, Mark Hayes has so much humor in him he can make the most serious person laugh. He’s likeable, funny, and brilliant at standup comedy. As a comedian he has shown the differences between Irish culture and the Americanized version of Irish culture is. Due to the sheer talent he has displayed in comedy, Mark Hayes will go on to be honored with many awards, and will probably end up in the Hall of Fame for comedy.

Mark Hayes Is The Ultimate Comedian

Mark Hayes is somebody who truly stands out in the world of satire, and he is also the voice of Irish comedy. He can make audiences roar in comedy clubs all over LA. And Hayes also hosts a show called Luck of the Irish Night, which is an outstanding club at the center of good Los Angeles humor, writes scripts, and creates comedy sketches that are later released on YouTube.


A lot of talent is required in order to be a great comedian who amazes the audience. After all, it takes courage to get up on stage and be relatable so the comedian’s sense of humor can resonate with the audience. There are countless comedians, who practice their craft everyday but none of them are as good at making people laugh as Hayes manages to do so, with his quick wit and dark humor. “Standup is my first love and primary focus,” Hayes says.

Mark Hayes Is The Ultimate Comedian

Mark Hayes has also written a book called RanDumb: The Random Dumb Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA. This is by far the best comedy anybody can read. It includes the schemes of an Irish foreigner coming to America, specifically to LA with a dream and a vision burning deep in his mind. He wants to make it as a famous comedian, but when he arrives in the so-called City of Angels, he realizes that becoming the star of the show is not as easy as he thought it would be.


Hayes has a successful translation business back home in Ireland, but he still wants more, and his next move is to become a successful comedian. His ideal fantasy is to have a Hollywood Star between Lionel Ritchie and Dolly Parton on Hollywood Boulevard, a Beverly Hills mansion with a model in every bedroom, and enough alcohol for his luxury yacht. Hayes plans to pay for all of this by being a wealthy standup comedian. This is an epic story like no other about an adventurous man from Ireland, who is the perfect schemer, dreamer, drinker, thinker, bon viveur, enfant terrible, raconteur, and fan of foreign words in italics. So get ready and buckle up for a wild tour across the crazy world of LA!


Comedy is not an easy branch of entertainment. It takes skill to know how to make people laugh. This isn’t really something one can learn, because in most cases it needs to come naturally, like the way some people can play the piano, without having to practice too hard. Mark Hayes has what it takes to make it and become an accomplished comedian in Hollywood.

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Why would anyone want to shop at Simply because we carry new clothing products that women want and can't find at good prices elsewhere. Larger online companies may promise you quality products but be sure to check out the reviews on these businesses before spending your hard earned money. Check the reviews on Amazon, Ebay or any of the other popular online companies and you are bound to find some unsatisfied customers.


We try to avoid those negative responses by offering you 24/7 customer service, prices that are reasonable and a product that is of the highest quality possible.


Here is what we found when using some of the top rated online companies. Keep in mind there are some very satisfied customers but there are some that are not. Prices were a bit too expensive for our taste and the clothing was handmade which further inflates prices. Some of the products were of low quality and no warranty put in place. Products were expensive and the clothing was outdated. Products were of low quality and shipping time was 30 to 60 days.


Remember, we only sell trendy women's fashions and plan to keep it that way at!

Get 12,000 Detailed Shed Plans To Build Your Next Shed!

Are you looking build a shed at home but don’t know what goes into it?


It turns that even with zero woodworking experience; you can build an amazing shed in a weekend. However, you will need to have a detailed plan for the project. Unfortunately, though, most shed plans sold by woodworking publishers today won’t help you. In this post, we’re going to tell why this is the case and how My Shed Plans is going to help you out.


So what’s MyShedPlans all about and who is it for?


Ryan Henderson, a professional craftsman and educator, gives you a variety of shed plans to help you build any kind shed at home. He has put together a collection of 12, 000 shed plans with different styles and designs. And you don’t need to have woodworking experience to use the plans; they are detailed enough and come with “hold-you-by-the-hand” step by step instructions.


As mentioned earlier, the shed plans sold by woodworking publishers can’t help you. I once wanted to build a shed. So I went online, bought the cheapest shed plan I could get and started following it. I got the tools, the 2x4’s, and even began cutting to size. I didn’t proceed much; I got stuck not knowing how to get from one point in the plan to another. If you have ever bought a plan to help you build any project, you probably know what I am talking about.


Many of the plans sold by publishers are not even written by woodworkers. They are written by ghost-writers who have never touched a chisel or a piece of lumber in their life. So, such plans often have wrong instructions, are either too dumb down or too complicated.


A good shed plan can only be written by a woodworker with experience building a lot of projects and teaching the craftsmanship to others. With Ryan's shed plan, you will never need to hire someone to build a shed for you. You will complete it yourself and within the shortest time possible.


And if you are going to invest your money, energy, and time in building a shed by yourself, then you need a detailed plan that has everything you need to know about building a perfect shed. The plan should also include factors you need to consider when building a shed, from the most basic to the most critical.


With up 12,000 detailed shed plans, MyShedPlans is arguably the only place you are going to get a complete plan that will help come up the shed you want. Note also that the plans have different designs and styles. So you will get to compare the styles and designs and build a shed that stands out.


Among other things, the plans will give you;


  • Views from all angles. This will help you see how everything will look before you start building.


  • Step-by-step instructions. The instructions are so detailed you’ll know exactly what to do in every step.


  • Lists of materials and cutting lists, so you know what to buy, the quantity, and how to cut the materials. The cutting lists include measurements.


  • 3D drawings


  • CAD designed drawings


  • “Used for” labels to help you know what each material is used for and when you will need it. Visit today, get your plans and complete your shed most inexpensively and quickly.

How To Pick Out The Best Battery For a Solar Panel System, Battery Bank, or Off-Grid System

Have you ever wondered how to pick out the best ezbattery battery(s) for your solar panel system (or off-grid energy system)? Or have you wondered what makes one deep cycle battery better than another? If so, this article will answer these questions and give you specific things to check on before buying your new battery (to ensure you get the most bang for your buck)!


When choosing a battery (or batteries) for your solar panel system, there are three categories of batteries that work best. So in this article we will:


Part 1) Quickly compare the three main types of solar batteries (lead acid, saltwater, and lithium).


Part 2) Compare the components of batteries, such as: depth of discharge, capacity and power, efficiency, battery life, and manufacturer.


By the end of this article you will know exactly how to pick out the best battery for your solar panel system! So let’s get started…


Part 1) The Three Best Types Of Batteries For Solar Panel Systems:

The best type of battery for your solar panel system will depend on what you’re looking for. There are three battery types that work exceptionally well; however, each battery type has pros and cons. So the first decision to make is the type of battery that will fit your system.


Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries are the most commonly used rechargeable battery in the world. They’re also among the longest-used and most reliable batteries in existence. Compared to the other batteries we’ll discuss in this report; they are the cheapest option but you trade cost for some battery life and depth of discharge. But for homeowners needing lots of storage for a lower cost, or if you are just making the move to a solar panel system, lead acid batteries may be a very good option. They’re the type of battery we use in most of the battery banks in our solar panel systems.


Another great thing about lead acid batteries is that you can use the maintenance and reconditioning methods we teach you in the EZ Battery Reconditioning program to greatly extend lead-acid battery’s lifespan.


Saltwater Batteries

Saltwater batteries are more expensive than lead acid batteries, but also have a greater lifespan. Unlike lead acid batteries, saltwater batteries are essentially brand new to the market and remain both somewhat untested and harder to come across. Of the three types of batteries, saltwater has the greatest depth of discharge, so you’ll get the most output per charge before needing to recharge.


Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are the most expensive and the longest lasting of the three types of solar batteries. Their depth of discharge is less than that of a saltwater battery, but more than that of a lead acid battery. Comparing all three options, the lithium battery is probably the highest rated, but also the most expensive. An example of a lithium battery is the Tesla Powerwall.


Part 2) Compare the components of batteries

Once you’ve picked the best battery type for your solar panel or off-grid system (that meets your system’s needs), there are components to explore to find the ideal battery for your system.



Cost is probably one of the more obvious components. But the old saying, “you get what you pay for” holds true when buying batteries as well. In some instances though, certain batteries may be overkill for your system so the most expensive battery may not be the best choice always.


Battery Life and Warranty

For most systems, a battery will cycle daily, meaning it will charge and drain regularly. With each cycle, the battery’s ability to hold the same charge lessens slightly. So one component to consider is the warranty on the battery that guarantees a certain number of cycles of useful life. But keep in mind that if you use the maintenance and reconditioning methods we teach you in the EZ Battery Reconditioning program, you can extend the life of your batteries.


Depth of Discharge

Depth of discharge is how much you can drain the battery down before needing to recharge the battery without harming its life. Certain solar batteries can be depleted further than others, allowing for more use between charging. Essentially, a battery with a 90% depth of discharge per cycle will provide more battery power per charge than a battery with less.


Capacity and Power

Measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), capacity is the amount of energy a battery can store over time. The more capacity a battery has, the more power it can store.


Power is how much energy a battery can provide at a given moment. A battery with both a high capacity and high power can run a large system for several hours; a battery with low capacity and high power can run a large system but only for a short time.



Efficiency is the amount of energy used compared to the amount of energy it took to store said energy. Batteries require power to charge and efficiency compares the energy taken to charge a battery with the amount of energy that the charged battery produces. The higher the efficiency, the more cost-effective the battery.



This may not be a component most would consider, but it is something to pay attention to. As with other technology, there are both trusted brands and start-up brands. A trusted brand comes with known flaws and benefits; a start-up brand can perhaps have better technology, but can also have yet unknown technological issues. Depending on your system needs, you may decide to go with a well-reviewed company or one that is brand new to the market.


Part 3) What happens when your solar batteries start to die?

If you follow this article you should be able to compare batteries and pick out the best battery for your solar panel system’s needs.


But your new solar batteries won’t last forever. So what can you do? …and what can you do when your batteries actually die? Well, that’s where our battery reconditioning course comes in! You can use it to bring nearly any type of dead battery back to life again – including solar batteries, marine batteries, car batteries, forklift batteries, plus many other types. If you’d like to watch a new presentation about our course please visit

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